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About Us

Premier Scales & Systems provides accredited calibration services and products throughout the continental U.S. We also perform scale service and repair in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, from our two Midwest offices. We’re confident that our services and the products we sell (including the Mettler Toledo product line) will meet or exceed your quality requirements. We readily adapt to customer needs, and we make continual improvements to our quality management system.

The company, started in 1969, continues to grow and set standards in the industry.

Our History

Southern Indiana Scale Company began in 1969 when Wayne S. Hargett, Sr. began servicing scales for area companies from his Evansville, IN home. He soon after began selling small scales to compliment his growing service business and became incorporated in 1971. Realizing the need to further expand, Mr. Hargett soon developed a partnership with his brother Dennis Hargett and the two embarked on a mission that would eventually lead to the development of a first class company. Their first step was the acquisition of a small office and work facility on Evansville's south end of town in 1972 and quickly followed the relocation with the addition of the Mettler Toledo Scale product line. The company remained at this location throughout the 1970's until its growth necessitated the purchase of land for the construction of a new facility on Evansville's north side in the early 1980's. Growth did not stop there, however, as Louisville Scale Company came to life as a branch office in 1987. The addition of this location in Louisville, KY more than doubled the company's geographic sales and service area and served to further strengthen the company's quickly growing market share.

In 1984, Mr Hargett’s son Wayne Hargett, Jr. began working for the company during his school breaks. He assisted techs anyway possible from hand scrubbing beams and levers with a wire brush then painting them or packing weights. At 16 he started doing more Heavy Capacity work, driving the dump truck and hauling the backhoe to job sites. In addition Wayne would dig foundations or complete any other trench work needed for the new installations. Due to this market growth and territory development, which would soon include coverage of all of Central and Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and Southern Indiana, a realization was met that a company name change would be in order to assist current and potential customers in identifying the company as a single unit across the entire area. As a result, in 1992, all current locations began doing business as Premier Scales & Systems. After his graduation from the University of Southern Indiana in 1991, Wayne, Jr. was promoted to General Manager over the smaller, struggling Louisville office and spent 5 years moving it in a positive direction. While in Louisville he managed, serviced, sold scales, and anything else needed to facilitate growth. In 1996 Wayne, Jr moved back to the Evansville office to head a quality initiative establishing ISO registration. The ISO registration paved the way for Guide 25 accreditation (Predecessor to 17025). Wayne, Jr. began educating himself in IT and developing the Premier Management System software. This effort moved the company into the next century. It reduced the amount of paperwork and moved to the digitalization of certificates. He then moved into a sales and marketing management role until becoming the Director of Operations in 2003. In 2006 he began managing the day to day operations and by 2012 he purchased the company.

To this date, Premier Scales & Systems continues to grow and set new standards in the weighing industry. Drawing from a strong customer-oriented attitude, dedicated employees, and the willingness to adapt to an ever-changing business environment; Premier Scales & Systems will continue to grow and achieve the unthinkable.


From lab balances, to truck/rail scales, to computer integrated systems and material handling equipment, Premier Scales & Systems has been a reliable source for all your weighing needs. We continually strive to deliver the highest quality products to meet the demand of today's industrial environment. Services Premier Scales & Systems has continued to deliver quality service for several years and long list of satisfied customers to support our dependability. We provide a full range of calibration services, ranging from light capacity to heavy capacity. Our company also offers rental scales, custom software and fabrication and a mass certification laboratory for small weights and weight kits to large weights and weight kits, along with test weight restoration. All of our dependable services helps us to better serve our customers, but combine that with our 24/7 repair service, and it's no wonder why Premier Scales & Systems has become a leading name in scales servicing and calibration in the Evansville and Louisville areas.


Each of our trusted technicians is highly trained and skilled to service a variety of manufacturers' products. Our 24/7 repair service helps to assure our customers that their individual needs are met both effectively and efficiently. Contact us for more information on our products, services and pricing, and let Premier Scales & Systems be your sole scales service and calibration provider.


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